The RCT arrived from Oahu at 9:25 PM on August 1, 1950 and was attached to the 24th Infantry Division.

     On August 3d the 5th RCT and the First Provisional Marine Brigade were designated as Army Reserve in the Masan Area.  At 4:00 PM the 2d Bn joined the 27th RCT of the 25th Division in setting up defensive positions north and west of Chindong-ni.  Harassing attacks were continuous.  A counter-atttack was organized and by 1300 hours the enemy had withdrawn to the north.

     At 2:30 AM on August 4, the RCT was ordered to conduct a reconnaisance at daylight in the southern Masan area and to establish a perimeter defense of Usan-ni and to plan for counter-attacks against the enemy.

     On August 5th, Two patrols from the 1st Bn contacted small enemy groups to the front which were either killed or driven off.  A radio net was established by use of thirteen LST's and an APA which were anchored off Masan and furnishing supplies to the First Provisional Marine Brigade.  This net also tied into the Pusan net.

     On August 7th. the 1st Bn moved out 2,000 yards and seized its objective by about twenty minutes after noon.  The 2d Bn moved out on the high ground to the right of the road and came under vigorous counter attack during the early morning hours.  This delayed progress and held up movement of the 1st Marine Brigade.  The Commanding General, 25th Division ordered that one battalion of the 1st Marine Brigade attack the enemy opposing the 2d Bn 5th RCT.  He also directed the 2d Bn 24th RCT occupy the positions held by the 2d Bn, 5th RCT so that the battalion could continue with its mission and attack to the west along with the 1st Marine Brigade. 

     The 1st Bn was pinned down at 2:30 PM.  A successful air drop of small arms ammunition, 60mm mortar ammunition and water was made at 4 PM.  The 2d Bn, First Marine Brigade relieved the 2d Bn, 5th RCT at 5 PM so that it could continue the attack to the west.

     On 10 October the Regimental Commander awarded twelve (12) Silver Star Medals and twenty-six (26) Bronze Star Medals to officers and enlisted men of the regiment at a formation at the regimental command post.

     On 11 October, continued training, repair and maintenance of equipment.  Eight (8) officers and twelve (12) enlisted men were received as replacements.

     Advance parties moved forward to the vicinity of Kaesong on October 12 in preparation for a move.  Five Officer and eight enlisted  replacements arrived. 

     Fifteen enlisted replacements were received on October 13.

     On 14 October a billeting party was sent to the vicinity of Tong Song-Ni to select an area for this regiment and five officers and 9 enlisted replacements were received.

     On October 15, the regiment moved from the vi\cinity of Susiak to the vicinity of Kaesong, arriving at 1610 hours.  The 2d Battalion with "B" Battery of the 555th Field Artillery moved to the vicinity of Paekchon to relieve the 3rd Battalion of the 21st Infantry in a blockingd position.  One officer and five elnlisted men replacements joined the regiment.

     On 16 October the 5th RCT moved from the vicinity of Kaesong to the vicinity of Paekchon with the last elements arriving at 2105 hours.  two officers and twelve enlisted replacements joined the regiment.

     On 17 October the regiment moved fron the vicinity of Paekchon to the vicinity of BT 7405.  The Command Post arrived at 1320 hours and all other elements arrived by 1700 hours.  The Third Battalion was directed to relieve the 2d Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment  in a blocking position at BT 7023.  Nine prisoners of war were taken.  There were movies in the evaning and men received mail and post exchange rations.

     On 18 October the regiment left the area in the vicinity of BT 7405 at 1345 hours and closed in the area of YC 596155 at 1715 hours.  Patrol activities resulted in the capture of three hundred seventy of the enemy.  Nine officers and eighteen enlisted men arrived at the regiment.

     On 19 October, elements of the regiment began moving fron the vicinity of YC 596155 to a new area in the vicinity of Chaeryong with the Command Post arriving at 1730 hours.  The 2d and 3d Battalions were ordered to begin moving to Chaerong tomorrow.  Six offficers and seven enlisted men arrived today.  

     On 20 October the 2d and 3d Battalions arrived in the vicinity of Chaeryong.  Companh C, 1st Battalion was directed to relieve elements of the 10th Infantry Regiment in a blocking mission in the vicinity of Sinchon.  Ninety four prisoners were captured.

     On 21 October. there was no enemy resistance and four hundred sixteen prisoners were captured.  Twelve officer and thirty-five enlisted replacements were received.

     On 22 October the regiment moved from the vicinity of Chaeryong to the vicinity of Anjong-Ni, closing in the new area at 1745 hours.  A platoon of B Company remained in the vicinity of Hill 524, capturing a VHF radio transmission unit while C Company continued its blocking mission in the viinity of Sinchon.  The Tank company remained in the vicinity of Chaerong and was ready to move when ordered.  Operations Ordeer 23 directed the regimental assembly area from South of Pyongang to the vicinity of Anjong-Ni.  Patrols captured eighty four enemy.  Two officers and sixty-eight enlisted replacements joined the regiment.

     On 23 October the regiment remained in the area of Anjong-Ni.  Plans were made for a movement to the vicinity of Sinanju.  The 1st battalion conducted patrols in the vicinity of Yong-Ju southwest to Yong-Dong-Ni and west.  The 2nd Battalion conducted patrols to Yong-Ju southwest to Chaesong-Ni and then west to their own area.  The 3rd Battalion patrolled villages in its own area.

     One hundred twenty-six enemy were captured.

     In compliance with an order from EUSAK, the Regimental Medical Officer and a detail from the I&R Platoon went to Susan to search for medical research and experimental equipment believed to be buried there.  No supplies were found, but civilians in the area were questioned and they said that the supplies wr nmoved to Sinuiju about a month ago.

     Company C was relieved their blocking position in the vicinity of Kuwan-Ni and returned to the First Battalion.

     Seven enlisted replacement arrived today.

     On 24 October the regiment, less Service Company, Medical Company, Service Battery and Headquarters Battery 555th Field artillery battalion remained in the vicinity of Amjong-Ni, moved from the vicinity of Amjong-Ni to the vicinity of Sinanju, arriving at 1745 hours.  Those units are to join the rest of the Regiment tomorrow.  Company C was relieved of its blocking position at Kuwsn-Ni and the platoon of E Company was relieved of its mission at the VHF site and rejoined their parent units.  One hundred ninety-three enemy were captured today.

     On 25 October the 5th Regimental Combat Team continued assembling in the vicinity of Sinanju, preparing to move North as soon as the British had moved over the bridge sites.  In order to find a river crossing, the I&R Platoon was directed to make a reconnaisance to the vicinity of Pakchon to look for a site where a fording could be made.  The platoon could not complete its mission because Australian troops were fighting the enemy in the town.  The tank company received clearance to cross the Chongchon River at 1615.  At 1930 hours, they reported that they were across and had secured for the night.  Enemy prisoners, upon being interrogated, indicated that Chinese Red Troops were in the vicinity of Taechon.  That information was forwarded to Division Headquarters.  One hundred forty-two enemy were captured during the day.

     The Regiment made preparations on the 26th for the move North and made recconnaissance of fording and bridge sites of both rivers.  Repairs were made to vehicles and equipment.  The only contact with the enemy was a small fire fight in the A Company area.  One enlisted man was wounded.  It is believed that a small force of the enemy came out of the hills to make the attack.  One hundred  fifty enemy were captured.  Two officers and six enlisted replacements arrived today.

     On 27 October the 5th RCT less the 1st Battalion moved from the vicinity of Sinanju to the vicinity of Pakchon, with the last elements arriving at 1600 hours.  The regiments mission is to attack along the Pakchon, Taecjhon, Kuson and Sakchu Road.  The 1st Battaliion arrived in the vicinity of Pakchon at 1655 hours and secured for the night.  The Second Battalion secured objective Able at 1630 and the Third Battalion secured objective Baker at 1830 without opposition.  One hundred sixteen enemy were captured during the day.

     On 28 October rhe regiment resumed the attack along the Pakchon, Taechon Road.  The 1st Battalion moved out at 0630 and began an attack on objective Charlie at 0830.  Tanks leading the 1st Battalion encountered a roadblock at 0840.  It was cleared without opposition and the 1st Battalion passed the road junction by 0920.  The 2nd Battalion moved from objective Able at 1034 and prepared to attack around or thru the 1st Battalion when ordered.  At 1110 the 1st Battalion met an enemy force estimated to be a battalion in strength and engaged in a fire fight.  The 2nd Battalion was ordered to execute a flanking movement.  after a combined air-ground action, the 1st Battalion cleared and secured ojective Charlie at 1820 hours.  The 2nd Battalion completed their envelopment around the 1st Battalion and continued to attack toward objective Dog, meeting heavy enemy resistance north of objective Charlie.  F Company was ambushed by about 100 enemy troops in the vicinity of Pokhang, YE 135167 at 2100 hours.  At 2125 hours the 2nd Battalion reported they were 500 yards short of Check Point Six (Taechon) and were engaged in a heavy fire fight and that they were trying to secure high ground.  The regiment inflicted two to 300 casualties to tthe enemy.  Six enemy tanks were destroyed by air action and three by ground forces.  Four artillery pieces were also destroyed.

     On 29 October an enemy ambush encountered by E Company was eliminatedat 0039 hours with minor casualties.  The 3d Battalion moved by motor vehicles from Objective Bakeer at 00930, passing thru the 2d Battalion at Taechon and continuing the attack along the main road to seize objectives Easy and Fox.  Light resistance was encountered at 1330 in the vicinity of Objective Easy (YE 065236)..  Resistance was quickly eliminated and the Battalion continued toward Objective Fox.  The 2nd Battalion proceeded north on the main road wih leading elements reaching Taechon at 0930.  The Battalion immediately began mopping up approximately 300 enemy in the hills surrounding the town.  The 1st Battalion marched from objective Charlie to the vicinity of Objective Easy without incident, closing in the new area at about 1955 hours.  Toward the close of the day, the 3rd Battalion began receiving heavy small arms, machine gun and fie from flat trajectory weapons.  By the end of the day, between 300 and 400 casualties had been inflicted on the enemy.  Five tanks two small artillery pieces and between five and 8 vehicles were destroyed.

     During the night of 30 October the 3d Battalion continued receiving considerable fire.  At 0745 the Battalion began to advance toward the vicinity of YE 965285, encountering moderate resistance. At 1120 the advance was stopped when they encountered a mine field and our lead tank and troops received accurate and intense heavy mortar and small arms fire from Hill 233, XE 955285. where an estimated enemy battalion was entrenched.  The 1st Battalion moved from Objective Easy to envelope the right flank of the enemy resistance in front of the 3d Battalion.  Heavy enemy resistance was encountered by the 1st Battalion in the vicinity of XE 885262 at about 1630.  Resistance was located at three points with an estimated enemy company each at XE 9528, XE 9926 zand YE0026.  As darkness closed in, resistance decreased considerably but the battalion was widely spread out.  Companies were located at XE 004259, XE 989259 and XE 891265.  Those units consolidated under cover of darkness across open ground to the river.  The 2nd Battalion continued impropving their positions on hiolls surrounding Taechon..The 3d Battalion advanced slowly against heavy resistance by the enemy who gave ground only after heavy fighting.  Superior support by the 555th Field Artillery Battalion greatly contributed to the advance.  At the end of the day, the battalion was digging in for the night at XE 959287.